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We remember Merata Mita who had her unveiling in November. I along with some wonderful friends from all over the world shared our love for her. This is what I wrote pre the unveiling:

“Tomorrow is the unveiling of one of the most remarkable woman in my life Merata Mita - she taught me to be me, she taught me to never justify my actions to those ignorant of us, She loved me, cared for me when I was a global wonderer in 6" platforms, g-string lycra and bouffant wigs ... her love will always be with me ... I dedicate my page to Merata Mita this weekend and pass my love to her spirit - haere haere haera atu ra e whaea, e tohunga, e hoa"
- forever Mika

Mereta Mita was a leading NZ film director, a key figure in the story of Maori filmaking and Mika's mentor, inspiration and good friend.