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Exotic. Tribal. Iconic. These are all words that that many have used to describe one of New Zealand’s most alluring live exports Mika, as he arrives for a whirlwind tour of New York City in September.

Having been confirmed to perform as part of Couture Fashion Week on September 7th, Mika joins up with other Kiwi’s The NZ Hat and Hair Art to open their runway show at the New Yorker Hotel – housed on the iconic 8th Avenue Fashion District. Mika will be adorned in clothes created from NZ designer Lela Jacobs – as New Zealand is viewed no longer as a small series of islands in the South Pacific but a globally recognized brand and culture.

While a New Zealander performing live as part of the city’s fashion celebrations isn’t a common occurrence, this isn’t Mika’s first dalliance with the Empire State. His decadent nature insists that he must return. He’s warmed up for Grace Jones in the past, shocked audiences in the Oscar-winning film The Piano, penned the world’s first gay haka (Maori war dance) and has entertained HRH Prince Charles at the Palace of Hollyroodhouse.

Looking to launch his brand internationally, Mika is passionate as he beckons the world to witness his cutting edge, indigenous art. “This is a fabulous chance for New York to get a flash of Maori culture that they might not have ever seen before” he states. “I can’t wait to unleash the Mika experience on the fashion queens of New York City – as I’m sure they will unleash some of their own upon me.”

Mika’s artistic achievements – be it the seven albums recording in English and Te Reo Maori, his numerous works behind the scenes and on stage, television and in film, touring his critically acclaimed live shows to an astonishing seven Edinburgh Festivals – are matched only by his philanthropic efforts. 

His broadly rewarding career has inspired his equally rewarding efforts to give back; by educating and inspiring new generations of Maori and Pacific artists and performers. The multi talented Mika Haka Foundation tribe includes actors, dancers, singers and musicians, visual artists and fashion designers.

“Art doesn’t have boundaries” as Mika says. “Minds do.”

An iconoclast to convention and an innovator across the ever changing faces of media both new and old , Mika’s striking, eye popping originality is a rare commodity; one that is set to erupt on a global level.