Loved Me A Man feat. Lavina Williams - Music Video

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30 years since the Homosexual Law Reform passed in NZ and 25 years since Dalvanius Prime produced NZ's first gay pop hit, 'LOVED ME A MAN' is re-mixed and released celebrating both landmarks which launched Mika on the path to superstardom. 'LOVED ME A MAN' is an all new version of the No. 1 single originally by Allison Durban in 1968.

In memory of Dalvanius Prime (Poi E, Loved Me A Man)
1948 - 2002

Produced by Alan Jansson (OMC's 'How Bizzare') and Siche Zhang (Mika Haka's last single, 'Coffee').

Edited by Shaun Dooley

Music video by Mika Haka performing Loved Me A Man. (C) 2016 Patangaroa Entertainment